Doncaster Pacers support over 200 new runners with beginner groups


The Doncaster Pacers (Doncaster Athletic Club's Run England Group) have received funding to train more Run Leaders up this year and in return they have supported over 200 NEW runners.

As part of the funding agreement, a number of inspirational Run Journeys have been put to paper, and we share them with you.

Claire's story

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When I was 8 years old I used to watch the squaddies doing assault courses and they inspired me. My twin brother and I entered the 3 mile Colchester fun run.  I came in 2nd, my brother came first.  It remember watching the Olympics,  Steve Cram, Steve Ovette and Daley Thompson that did it for me.  At School and Youth Club I discovered that I excelled at Cross Country, Athletics, Basketball, Net Ball and playing pool.

Once I left school I gave up sports, got my first job, moved in with my boyfriend and became pregnant.  I became a victim of domestic violence, but I managed to get myself and my baby out of this terrible situation.  I lived back with my parents and fought to conquer PTSD.  This is where sport came back into my life - with support I started a Body Blitz class at our local sports centre and loved it.

In my early 20's I was diagnosed with MS.  Reality settled in and I thought to myself “What can I do? I can live, I can set myself dreams!”  I started hiking, walking 3 times a week each time 10 miles, even though I was in pain I was determined to succeed. Then my eyes failed on me, I had 3 relapses, I was banging into things, burning myself, I was even seeing things. 

This is where my journey at Doncaster Pacers began.  I was watching The Great North Run on TV and wanted to try it.  Some friends involved in the club put me in touch with Martin - we ran with a sock, Martin as my guide, holding one end and me the other. I've run with terrific Guides at Doncaster AC and I graduated from their beginners' running course in 2015. I was so pleased I could run 30 minutes without stopping, so this was it was hooked! I did my first official 10k in Manchester where my son is a student at University.

I fight my illness everyday and it makes me so strong. I think losing something precious changes you and this has changed me for the better.  I love to run and it's all down to the awesome Doncaster Pacers for helping me, I’ve met some lovely ladies who I now call my extra family.

If you have an inspirational Run Journey you'd like to share, why not send it to us?  Send it to Nicola Evans: to be considered for inclusion online!

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