Chloe rediscovers her love of Running with the help of Porchlight and parkrun

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Chloe has always liked running.  She ran when she was a child at school doing track and cross country events but when she was a teenager in college she no longer found the time to run and began to go "a bit downhill" taking drugs and drinking alcohol.

Chloe's upbringing had been difficult and she was briefly in foster care because of the problems at home with both her parents. She was not eating properly at this time which also had an impact on her running. 

When things became very difficult at home and Chloe could no longer live with her father, she moved into Porchlight, the Homelessness Charity in Kent.  Whilst living at Porchlight accommodation, Chloe rediscovered her love of running.  Running is now helping Chloe clear her head and de-stress.  She commented "Running gives me an opportunity to get away from stuff. When I'm feeling down or depressed, running helps to lift my mood".

Keyworkers at Porchlight have played a significant role in getting Chloe back out running. Keyworker Debbie and more recently, Sarah have inspired her to run regularly. Sarah Cronin, also a qualified Run Leader stated "It's great to see how running is helping to improve Chloe's life.  After I qualified as a Run England Group Leader, I started offering drop-in sessions for residents and service users at Porchlight in Tonbridge.  Chloe has been attending the sessions on a regular basis and I can really see how much she is enjoying the running".

Chloe added, "Sarah's enthusiasm for running and hearing about her own training and races has really inspired me. It's helped me remember how much I used to enjoy running when I was younger."

In addition to the Porchlight running sessions, Sarah has introduced Chloe to their local Tonbridge parkrun. Chloe has now completed a few parkruns as a runner but also as a volunteer. Chloe commented, "I like parkrun because I like socialising with the other runners and sharing tips with them. I also enjoy the marshalling. I like encouraging others to keep going because that’s what you need when you’re running!" Chloe is now looking to improve her fitness and start socialising with people who are a good influence on her, promoting healthy lifestyles away from smoking and drinking.

Chloe is signed up to the Goudhurst 5k in a few weeks' time. This will be her first race and the training has been going well.  We wish Chloe all the best with her first race!

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