New 3-2-1 Running Trails set up by the National Trust


The National Trust rangers who look after Bideford Bay and Hartland have put together a new series of downloadable running trails in conjunction with Run England and our 3-2-1 routes initiative.

The routes are aimed at runners of all abilities and include varied terrain from concrete to gravel and grass in parts across country including steps, stiles, stepping stones and bridges. The amazing views at Welcombe and across Bideford Bay will inspire even the most jaded of runners to pull their trainers on and get running.

3-2-1 is Run England’s project which aims to provide a range of marked out running or jogging routes across the country that everyone can have a go at. Routes across the country are loaded onto our website allowing runners and joggers to find routes via postcodes.

Run England markers have been used by the rangers to make navigation of the new routes easy. Visitors just have to decide on a distance.

  • The one mile route starts and finishes in the National Trust car park at Welcombe Mouth.
    Grid ref: SS212179, postcode: EX39 6HL.
  • The two mile route is from Brownsham car park through Beckland Woods and along the South West Coast Path with panoramic views across Bideford Bay and out to Lundy.
    Grid ref of car park : SS286260, postcode: EX39 6AN
  • The three mile route also includes fine views across Bideford Bay. It is a circular trail from East Titchberry NT car park.
    Grid ref: SS244270, post code EX39 6AU.

Ranger Luke Johns said, "We have really enjoyed pulling the routes together. Several in our team are runners so we started by looking at the routes that we enjoy and how we could share them. The routes are the first on the Run England site for the Torridge area, although we hope they motivate others to add more. We would love people to give us feedback via twitter and facebook to let us know what they think of the trails."

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