Need help with your fitness-related New Year's Resolutions?

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How long do your new year’s resolutions usually last for? For many people, improved health and fitness is a big aim for the new year, but keeping it up can be difficult!

This is where Run England can help! By joining your local running group you can get the encouragement and advice you need from a qualified, insured group leader as well as the motivation you need to keep running from your new mates and running partners.

And to help you in your running this year, Run England members get a number of special offers on running shoes, sunglasses, t shirts and other kit, and all the latest news, blogs, podcasts, tips, competitions and offers if subscribed to the eRunner newsletter. And what’s more, it’s totally free to join!

Members can currently take advantage of:

  1. £15 off any non-sale running shoes at Sweatshop
  2. 25% off Run England T shirts
  3. 15% off Sunwise sunglasses
  4. 7.5% off other EA store kit

... And we can guarantee that there will be more offers on the way in 2013!

The promotional codes to claim the above offers are in the fortnightly eRunner newsletter, so make sure you opt in to receive it. If you are already a member but are not receiving eRunner, please go to find out how to make sure you receive it.

Of course, the main benefit of joining Run England is to find your nearest running group and get the most out of your running by joining in with others and receiving the guidance and encouragement of your group and an qualified, insured group leader.

Join over 33,000 others for free using the quick and easy online sign up form at and reap the rewards now. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter, just search 'Run England'.

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