Hampshire groups captured on film to promote Run England


In order to promote Run England groups on their website, Rees Leisure recently attended two of Hampshire’s successful groups – the David Lloyd Run England group led by Sarah Gardiner at Port Solent, and the Ordnance Survey workplace group led by Viv Alexander and Mark Aston at Southampton.

Hampshire videoingGroup activities including warm ups, drills, and exercises were all filmed and photographed.

Afterwards the Group Leaders along with some of their members were interviewed, and asked to talk about their experiences of being part of a Run England group.

Hampshire videoingKatharine Jones from Sport Hampshire and Isle of Wight spoke generally about Run England and the benefits of joining a group to help train new runners and encourage them to target their first event. She also explained how you train to become a Group Leader, and the support and advice that is available to all our Leaders.

We are hoping that this collaboration will prove successful in promoting Run England - especially workplace running groups, as well as help publicise the popular 10k and HM events.

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Hampshire videoing

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