Sheffield CIRF Course sees 12 coaches pass final assessment


In March 2015 Emma Hurst, Club and Coach Support Officer for South Yorkshire joined 16 coaches on the Coach in Running Fitness Course that took place in Sheffield.   Emma wanted to do the course to get a better understand of how she can support coaches through the qualification.

As well as the support from tutors on the course via pebble pad, Emma also offered support through a facebook group which offered coaches the opportunity to work through the workbooks together, ask questions and share any challenges they faced.

In-between day 3 and the final assessment, a workshop was organised and tutored by Steve Nolan to give the opportunity for coaches to go through their workbooks, as well as going through the final assessment process and completing a ‘mock assessment’.  Attendee Karen Usher noted, "I am feeling slightly less nervous now. Thank you Emma for organising a really helpful evening. It was great to catch up with everyone too. See you all in a couple of weeks (yikes!)."  Another - Wendy Duggan added, "It's time consuming especially when you've got little ones, but use the Assessment Guidance and you'll find it's not so bad!  It's like learning a new language but it does all slot into place. We are all human after all and its a big learning experience, I felt a little more reassured by Steve that it would go ok."

12 coaches took part in the final assessment in October and all were successful.  One of them, Sally Staveley commented, "Thanks for all Emma's support - she's been a great help to us all. That went much better than I thought it would and it was nice to see everyone again. I hope we can help and support the next cohort as I think it makes such a difference. Time for a cuppa and a slice of cake!"

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