Running well - Living Well in Bournemouth


Ashley Warner is a student at the Bournemouth University and also a Run England leader.  He leads a few running groups that include the University Group - a community group, and a Living Well Active group.

Living Well Active is an organisation in Bournemouth that is helping individuals that have or are in remission from cancer treatment.

Ashley told us, "I have been working along side Living Well Active for a few months to get individuals running as a from of rehab. From this group I have had a few ladies that ran a 10k at the Bournemouth Marathon Festival in October. The ladies that I have been working with only had 8 weeks to prepare for the event, and all the runners that took part completed the run in under an hour and half which its a great success for them."

One of those ladies said, "When I attended my first Run England group in August 2015, I never anticipated just how much progress I would make in such a short time. My initial aim was to simply attend the 8 week programme offered by the Dorset Living Well Active initiative and to finally run a couple of miles without constantly stopping and being out of breath. So, when Ash mentioned signing up for the Bournemouth 10k on 3 October, I burst out laughing and instantly said no! However, it didn't take me long to reconsider my initial decision as I’m the sort of person who needs a purpose for exercise.  I know, I know… the mere fact of getting fitter, losing weight, increasing my stamina and decreasing my percentage risk of getting ill again should be enough of a purpose, but having a competitive achievement is definitely adding to my level of motivation."

Another attendee Chris Lane added, "The running club which Ash helps to run is excellent. I have grown in self-confidence in terms of the pace at which I can run, due to the tips I have received about breathing and posture as well as stretching out with my hands which pulls the pace and length of stride.  I hope to translate what I have learned into my 5k runs and the Boscombe 10k run."

Ashley summarised, "The success and determination of these women inspires others to take up running and to improve their health and wellbeing. In addition the work that Living Well Active are doing in the local area and the positive support they provide is amazing."

His group members agree. "Between Ash and his partner in sport Steve, I’ve been fortunate to have two coaches who are passionate about what they're doing and wanting to help others achieve their best.  Ash's encouragement and positive ‘can do’ approach convinced me that I could actually complete 10k. Their expertise knowledge and varied weekly training sessions have helped me adjust my running style and improve my fitness."

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