Running group in Essex goes from strength to strength


Rochford Running Club ran their 7th beginner running group session with 37 people signed up with 30 finishing the 12 week course.

The courses run twice a year and a third of the beginners that complete the course transfer and become a member of Rochford Running Club. The club now have 140 registered members regularly running with the club during the week.

Those that join the beginner running course haven’t run since school or taken part in physical activity for years. The group each week move from strength to strength through a structured programme organised by Jacqui Knowles and Debbie Mowle - coaches of the club and support from Leaders from Rochford RC. The individuals each week receive newsletters with information, support and even weekly homework to enable the runners to become confident to reach the main goal; 3 miles running non-stop.

One runner commented, “The support and encouragement is awesome.”

The last session was the first time that the 30 runners would complete a 3 mile run and every runner was successful and overjoyed in completing the course. This achievement was celebrated and runners who were on the previous course came along to help runners transfer into the club.

A runner who was overwhelmed in completing 3 miles was ready to take that next step, “I can’t wait to join the improvers' section of the main club.”

Rochford Running Club's next beginner session is in April but already has a number registered to go onto the course. The beginners from this course will now join the intermediate group to easily transition into the club setting.

If you would like to become part of a running group or club in your area please visit the Run England groups page. For more advice and support please contact your local Run Activator or Club and Coach Support Officer.

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