Tell us how you have proved ‘This Girl Can’


Sport England’s This Girl Can campaign has hit the screens and billboards nationwide! Many people are talking about the campaign and we want to hear how you and your group has been proving ‘This Girl Can’.

Before Christmas we sent information in our eLeader newsletter to groups to let them know about the campaign and how you could create activities which would be suitable for the type of person this campaign is looking to inspire.
If your group has created activities or if you have members who can inspire others we want to hear about it.

We are also interested in any stories about why you run, and how running with a Run England group has benefited you. Perhaps you’re now inspiring other people to run as a qualified group leader? Why We Run is all about encouraging people to start running by celebrating all the great benefits.

As always you can tweet pictures of the action using the #ThisGirlCan hashtag and tagging @ThisGirlCanUK. You can also use the #WhyWeRun hashtag and tag @runengland so we can share the tweets.

But we want to hear more about how your group is getting people involved and the stories of the women it is getting active. Please email your stories to with a subject of ‘This Girl Can – Our Story’.

If you want to know more about using the This Girl Can branding or how you can get involved see We would encourage you to make the most of the This Girl Can branding available via and to use courses such as Leadership in Running Fitness to train more people up in how to deliver activities that break potential barriers to participation in running and athletics. There are also some useful Why We Run resources such as posters and social media sharers available on the Group Leader Area of the Run England website, which registered group leaders can access by logging in to their profile at

If you want to take a glimpse behind the scenes of the making of the This Girl Can advert take a look at this video:

thisgirlcan-300_1.jpg blurred out