Online booking of courses


In response to demand from people attending our courses England Athletics and British Athletics are working to bring in a new online booking system for our Coaching Courses. This will include the Leadership in Running Fitness and Coach in Running Fitness qualifications.

As we work to pilot this new system you will see some of the courses listed in the courses section at having a link to a page at where online bookings for the courses can be made. This pilot works follows initial testing and the system also being used for a number of coaching conferences

Eventually all coaching courses will be listed and available for online booking at

You can visit our page at to find out full information on how you will be able to use the new uLearn website at The information includes instructional videos and find out more on each subject in the list below, including appropriate information and video.

Important information (including for the pilot period):

  1. How to book on and pay for a qualification
  2. England Athletics Club Discounts
  3. Find pre- and post- course resources for a course you are already booked on
  4. Your Username and Password
  5. Logging in if you have an existing coaches license
  6. Problems playing any of the videos?

More about uLearn:

  1. The difference between uLearn and uCoach
  2. Using the decision tree to find the right course for you
  3. Using uLearn to learn about each of the qualifications
  4. Can I find videos on this site elsewhere?
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