Positive feedback for South Yorkshire Run Leaders workshop


Running Group Leaders in South Yorkshire have been supported by another training workshop, designed to provide support to Leaders to enable them to deliver quality running sessions to beginners.

The workshop – entitled ‘How to Structure a Training Plan – Five Easy Steps’ was delivered by Stuart Hale – endurance coach and runner from Accelerate Performance Centre in Sheffield.

Feedback from the workshop was positive, as always:

Katie Alexander from Strideout said: “[The workshop was] really useful for giving simple and clear advice to runners wanting to step up and start training. It was well timed as well as I expect we’ll have a few people starting training in the new year. I’d give it ten out of ten!”

Amanda West from Barnsley Harriers said: “Top marks. We came back motivated to implement the training tips and advice. We are feeling more confident that we are gaining more knowledge and we are looking at refreshing our beginner sessions to incorporate techniques shared.”

Doncaster AC’s Rose James said: “Ten out of ten. I learnt about measuring different levels of exertion, alternating hard and easy runs, and the important of recovery runs in helping with things like tissue repair.”

If you would like to read more, Stuart produced an article off the back of the workshop entitled “What to Consider for a Training Plan” which you can find on the Accelerate website.

The next workshop will focus on winter running and head torches, and will take place on Friday 14 November. For more information please contact Emma Hurst at ehurst@englandathletics.org or 07921060306.

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