Would you like to feature on a new TV programme?


A new programme called ‘Sportswomen’ is looking for women who have recently taken up running to potentially appear in a New Year fitness feature on the show.

The feature will be broadcast on Sky Sports News and the production team are seeking females aged 30-60 who have not previously been active but who have taken up running through the Run England programme and are happy to be filmed.

The ideal candidate will have recently got into running through a Run England group as part of a New Year’s fitness drive. Perhaps you have joined a Run England group after setting yourself a #runningresolution to improve your health and fitness in 2014 or being challenged by a friend who runs?

If this is you, and you're interested, please get in touch at runengland-online@englandathletics.org and tell us a bit about yourself in under 100 words.

Note that this is an opportunity and not guaranteed. As it is for a New Year feature, time is of the essence, so please send your submission as soon as possible to give yourself the best chance of being featured!

Thank you in advance!

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