Plodders road trip across the border


Not content with 'plodding' their own roads, a running group in Warrington decided to up sticks and join a coach trip across the border for a fun day in the sunshine - and to complete a 10K race.

More than 10 ladies from the Runcorn group met up with fellow Plodders from the Warrington group to join forces and take over the Scottish border.

Starting from Gretna, the Plodders raced their way through Scotland, across the border and culminated in the race end in Carlisle in glorious sunshine.  The photographs from the day show the solidarityof  the group - with the bleary eyed 5am coach pick up, to absolute enjoyment on the run itself and the post race refreshments and water fights - not to mention the sleepier looking coach journey home to Runcorn.

For many this was their first time they had completed a run of that distance and for others it was the first time they had visited Scotland.

The race organised by Contest Sports who also are responsible for the English Half Marathon in Warrington put on an amazing show and the ladies were treated to extra goodies from the Run Buddy running club - showing how the running community can really work together to make running an amazing experience for people.

The ladies - enthused by such a wonderful day are all now chomping at the bit to enter the Half Marathon in September this year - amazing considering many only began running earlier this year.  This is down to the inspirational guidance and leadership of the volunteer run leaders who support the Plodders on their journey as well as the absolute commitment and dedication these ladies show towards their Plodding.

If you fancy joining the plodders – why not pop to the beginners session - Thursdays, 7:30 at Heath Park Duck Pond in Warrington. Contact Lou on 07540 260450 or or visit their Facebook page.

Do you know of a volunteer Run England group leader or a coach like those at the Plodders? Why not nominate them for an England Athletics/Run England Volunteer Award?

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