Find a marked running route near you!


Whether through the support of a trained group leader, the encouragement of a running group or a marked local route - there is a reason for everyone to run! No doubt you've heard about joining Run England and finding a running group, but now you can also get involved by finding your nearest 3-2-1 route!

What is 3-2-1?

3-2-1 is Run England’s project which aims to provide a range of marked out running or jogging routes across the country that anyone can have a go at. It's a way of providing a meaningful challenge to help more people to get running when it best suits them.

Local providers - working in partnership with athletics clubs and Run England groups - can mark routes that are 3, 2 and 1 miles, kilometres or laps – suitable target distances for anyone who wishes to have a go! Due to popular demand, there are now 4km and 5km markers on sale too!

Find a 3-2-1 route

To get involved and find your local 3-2-1 route, head to our Route Finder map at, select 'find a route' and search! All routes are official 3-2-1 marked running or jogging routes provided by a range of local providers.

There are a relatively small amount of routes uploaded at present, so please bear with us while more routes get set up and uploaded - bookmark the page and keep revisiting... soon there will be a route near you! Keep your eyes on our news pages and 'Like' Run England on Facebook to find out first!

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Set up a 3-2-1 route

If you are a landowner and fancy setting up a 3-2-1 route in your area, head to to find out more about ordering markers.

The layout and usage of the marked 3-2-1 running routes is the responsibility the local providers e.g. local authority, university or college – working in partnership with athletics clubs and Run England groups – that purchases the route markers.

Run England 3-2-1 routes are permanently marked running routes created by a range of local providers. You can search for local routes via the Run England website and the information on each route is provided by the organisation which provided the route. Runners use the listed 3 2 1 routes at their own risk. 

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