Embed Run England group finder map on your website!


To help get the nation running and promote the great work of registered running groups, it’s now easier than ever to promote groups and running routes on your own website or blog!

The Run England widget tool allows you to spread the word by embedding our searchable group/route finder map on your website using an iframe.

Featuring more than 2,000 running groups and 100 3-2-1 routes across the country, the map can be set as national or tailored to your specific town, county or postcode. It also has two different display modes depending on what suits your needs.

Download Run England widget instructions here.

Run England RSS Feed

It's also easy to keep up-to-date with the latest news from Run England. If you would like to be emailed news stories from the Run England website as soon as they're published, you can do this by setting up an ‘RSS Feed’ – a useful tool if you run a Facebook Page or Twitter account and want to get the latest news out to your members as soon as it’s available! Here are some instructions on how to do it:

RSS logo

  1. Open Outlook and scroll down to your RSS Feeds inbox (usually just below your Outbox).
  2. Right click on that folder and select ‘Add a New RSS Feed’.
  3. A box will then pop up asking for the address of the news feed you want to add.
  4. Go to the Run England website and decide whether you’d like to receive all news or news from a specific category or categories.
  5. To receive all news, go to www.runengland.org where you will see a small orange RSS icon on the bar at the top right of the news section saying News.
  6. To receive news from a specific category or categories, go to www.runengland.org/news where you will see small orange RSS logos down the right hand side menu next to each category.
  7. Click on the RSS icon either at www.runengland.org for all news or at or on an icon at www.runengland.org/news next to a news category on the right to receive only a specific type of news. Note: Make sure you click on the RSS icon, not the header. This should take you to a basic looking page with the news stories from that category listed.
  8. Copy and paste the web address at the top of the page into the pop up box on Outlook and press ‘return’.
  9. Click on Add.
  10. Finished!
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