Beginners’ session for blind and visually impaired runners



Members of a local running group recently attended a workshop at Sutcliffe Park in London to learn how to include blind and visually impaired runners in their sessions or to become guide runners.

Experienced Belgrave Harriers coach Chris Husbands led a fantastic session which culminated in the opportunity for the leaders and runners to try out their new skills on each other, with the aid of blindfolds, on the track.

The second part of the workshop was a practical session in the park, led by Claire Riddell, Run England group leader for the Sutcliffe Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday groups – to which local blind and visually impaired runners were invited.

guide runner 2

All of the group leaders and guide runners were very grateful to the runners who attended and agreed to be ‘guinea pigs’. One blind runner was delighted to have the opportunity to run outdoors instead of on a treadmill.

The blind and visually impaired runners are now joining inclusive Run England groups and a list of inclusive groups and clubs which will have guide runners and parkruns where a guide runner will be available, is being put together.

If you would like more information or are interested in joining an inclusive group, then please contact Liz Purbrick, Disability Athletics Support Officer (South East) at or Lynne Atkinson, Run England Activator for the London Boroughs of Bexley, Bromley Greenwich and Lewisham at

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