From non-runners to 10k racers in six months


Mick’s Road Runners – part of the thriving Run Blackpool programme which already has five active running groups after just six months – have gone from complete beginners to recently racing their first 10k in the seaside town.

Residents of Blackpool have seen a huge improvement in their running ability, fitness and confidence thanks to Run Blackpool and Run England’s partnership.

Mick's Road Runners is one such running group. Led by group leader Mick Lancashire, the group started training in April and the runners did not miss one session. The hard work was there to be seen but there was, of course, a good dose of laughing, chatting and supporting each other too as the group worked together to get fit and make their family's proud on race day!

Mick said: “My runners started running with the Run Blackpool groups just under five months ago and none of them had ever run before doing so. When they joined the running group we decided to set the team a goal which would be a 10k race in September.

He explained further with a big proud smile on his face: “And so came race day, 11am Saturday morning nerves had set in but I spoke to each and every one of our group to remind them that they had actually done training runs of up to eight miles so they had two miles in the bag and six would be easy for them!

“We all lined up to start the race together and support each other all the way around, then starter pistol rang out and we were off. Setting into the pace we had talked about beforehand the training soon kicked in, it was just like one of our training sessions. The joking and laughing started from the gun and it was a great feeling seeing the group come from walking to running their first 10k race.”

If you would like more information on how you can get involved with Run Blackpool, in partnership with Run England, or would like to join Mick’s Road Runners, contact Mick on 07837 968310 or

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