Danson Dashers' spooky run!


The members of the new Danson Dashers beginners running group celebrated Halloween this year by completing their first 3k run after just a handful of weeks of training.

Many of the 35 runners, including their group leader Michelle Fox, dressed in spooky masks and costumes to complete the event.

Michelle enlisted the help of members of the Foxtrotters group, her former beginners’ running group, who are now regularly training with local clubs – Bexley AC and Cambridge Harriers – to help with the timing and marshalling of the run.

The Foxtrotters were also on hand to motivate the new beginners to complete the run in the best possible time. Michelle said: “This is a great achievement in just five weeks. Their next goal is the 5k Santa Run in Greenwich park on 4th December.”

Good Luck Danson Dashers for your next event – don’t forget to send us a picture of yourselves in your Santa suits!

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