Warm up tips with Dr. Andi Drake

Warm up tips for running with Dr. Andi Drake

Find out how to warm up before running. One of our experts, Dr Andi Drake, goes through some of the best warm up tips for running in the videos attached below. These running warmup exercises can easily be adapted to do in your house or garden.

Importance of warming up before a run

Incorporating a selection of running warm-up exercises into your run is very important. A good warm up before a run is a great way to prepare your body for the stresses and strains of a distance run. Knowing how to warm up before a run will raise your heart rate and breathing rate which is especially useful if you’re doing a race or event. Doing the right running warm-up exercises before a run can also help with your speed and endurance. The looser your muscles are, the easier you will find it to get into a comfortable rhythm.

Running warm-up exercises can vary but it is important that they mimic in some way the running motion. Preparing in this way before a run will help activate the muscles and reduce the risk of sustaining an injury. Activating your muscles before and after a run is also crucial when it comes to recovery and training for a long distance race.

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