Useful running kit

Not only is running convenient, accessible to everyone and great fun, it’s also a budget-friendly way to get fit. There are just a few basics we recommend to get you started...

Forget about investing in fancy sports equipment or eye-watering gym fees, because you’ve already got the one thing every runner needs: a great pair of legs. The following items will just help you be as comfortable as possible and avoid any unwanted injuries.

If the shoe fits

Trainers come in some amazing colours these days, but the most important thing about what’s on your feet isn’t how they look, it’s how they fit. Head to a dedicated running shop and get a trained assistant to find for the right type shoe for you.


Smarty pants

The best running clothes are the ones you don’t realise you’re wearing, and don’t need yanking up every five minutes. Form fitting leggings, or running tights, are snug, supportive and leave the dreaded baggy crotch in the dust.


Cool threads

Whether you’re heading out in an old shirt or have splurged on some fresh sportswear, you’ll get the same results. The big bonus with wearing a specialist running top is the fabulously high-tech fabric they’re made from. It lifts moisture (aka sweat) away from your skin, so you’ll stay cool, dry and avoid painful chaffing during your run.


Active underwear

Underwear that keeps everything where it should be is an important bit of kit. No matter how much you tighten the straps on that t-shirt bra, only a purpose built sports bra will help you avoid uncomfortable bouncing and unnecessary back strain. Your breast defense? A good offense.


Get peaky to stay perky

Running in a rain shower can be really refreshing, but water dripping in your eyes can be really distracting. Equally, having the sun glaring in your eyes can be uncomfortable. Throw on a cap before you leave the house and you'll be prepared come rain or shine!


Smart stash

Avoid sweaty palms and unnecessary bulk by stashing essentials in a small waist pack or armband. That way you can keep your hands free for the important task of waving to other joggers in the park.

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Happy feet

Lots of runners are obsessed with their shoes, but we think when it comes to having really happy feet, it’s all about the socks. Nylon or wicking wool blend socks are breathable, cut friction and stop your soles getting soggy.


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