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Running Together – Again!

Run Leader and Run Leader Mentor Natalie Sampson shares her plans and running tips to help runners.

Running together is something we can all look forward to, but how can we make sure our group members have the best possible time? RunTogether Run Leader and Mentor Natalie from Tingley RunFit gives us her top running tips for beginners and experts:

  • Check in with everyone; are they fit and well, how are they feeling about getting back together, do they have any anxieties about running as a group?
  • Don’t assume everyone will have been able to run. Some people might have done lots of running, maybe even more than they used to. But there might be some who, for whatever reason, might not have been able to do any running at all. Make it easy for them – hold off on the fast 5ks or hill reps until everyone is ready!
  • Above all make it sociable, make it fun. Running together is all about community, so make sure everyone feels comfortable and everyone is ready to run, so we can look forward to being back together – again. Provide supportive, helpful long distance running tips where necessary.

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Check out your routes

Thinking about the routes.

Be prepared and check them out in advance!

  • Get out and run those routes before you go with your group – some might be blocked, built on or just not suitable anymore.
  • If so, look around and see what’s on your doorstep: parks and footpaths might well be perfect. Look for flat sections and look for hills too.
  • Use Strava or similar to measure some sections – if you can’t yet use a track, improvise with distances between marks such as trees, lampposts, gates, anything that’s fixed and will still be there when you next go down that route.

Listen to Natalie's message in full below (90 second video)
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Planning the running sessions

Focusing on planning the running sessions.

Here are some of my running tips for new and existing leaders on how to plan a running session: especially for new runners or runners with concerns about social distancing.

  • Use the RunTogether App. This is the best thing you and your runners can do. It means you know who is coming and can plan your run accordingly. The App is especially good for helping you identify new members and can help with track and trace.
  • If you do have new runners, get to know them in advance. Things to ask might be: Do you already run – if so, how long have you been running, how far do you usually go, and what sort of time does that distance take? That means you can make sure they have a comfortable first time.
  • Also think about what they need to know: where can they park, are there any facilities such as toilets, who is the leader and how can they be identified. It really helps if a newcomer knows who to look out for.

Doing this in advance will help make your new people feel right at home straightaway and help ensure everyone has a fun and friendly run.

Listen to Natalie's message in full below (4 minute video)
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