Posture: basics at work

The best way to understand good work posture is to stand against the wall so your heels are against it, while your bottom and the back of your head touch the wall. This is not the way we work as most of us are sitting down all day.

However, at the very least, we should be conscious that our heads are not poking forward, and our back is well supported against the chair. Standing desks are a step in the right direction but even taking a stretch and walking after every 50 minutes of working at a desk is an improvement.

At work, periodically reset your posture by standing against the wall with heels, bottom and back of the head touching the wall. This is the best practice to achieve good work posture. If the job involves sitting for long periods of time, take a break to walk and stretch every 50 minutes or so.

Workstations should be as ergonomic as possible. It is important to set it up for your own comfort. If you share the workstation with someone else, ensure you adjust it for yourself before using it. There are lots of advice websites to help you set up your workstation. Click here to go to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) website for further guidance.

Implementing these tips will help to achieve good work posture and reduce the risk of injury when running. Explore our tips and advice page to explore our running advice.