Personal safety advice

UK Athletics in cooperation with the Home Country Athletics Federations has published updated advice for runners and joggers to ensure they are running safely. They have also included suggested guidance for non-runners.

The safety guidelines in running were refreshed following recent high-profile cases of harassment of athletes training in public areas.  Any abuse or threats against runners are completely unacceptable. The safety guidelines published aim to support athletes, recreational runners and other participants exercising in public to feel prepared for any eventuality.

In addition – there is guidance for non-runners to highlight how some behaviours may cause harm or upset, even unintentionally. Explore the running advice to ensure you are running safely. Find the summarised guidance below; click here to download the full document (PDF 1MB)

Pre-Run Planning

If you encounter negative behaviours

How to report after the incident

Want to be a running ally?

For more advice and information on running safety visit our tips and advice page. We have plenty of guidance and running advice for runners of all abilities.