Night running

Safety Tips for Running at Night & Using a Headtorch

Top Running at Night Tips

  1. Run with a friend – one of the best tips for running at night is to run with someone else. Running with a friend or family member will make your run much safer and means you have someone there to help if something happens. If you don’t know anyone who is into running, joining a local running group is a great way to meet new people and run safely at night.
  2. Stay on the pavement and other well-lit areas – another important safety tip for running at night is being aware of your environment. It is best to stick to well-lit pavements and paths rather than dark parks and woods.
  3. Bring your phone but be wary with headphones – a top tip for running at night is to keep your phone with you. There are lots of accessories and straps that will keep your phone secure while you run. If you are going to use headphones try and keep the volume low so you are aware of your surroundings, especially when crossing busy roads.
  4. Have the right night running gear – one of the most common running at night tips is to make sure you have all the right kit. Reflective clothing is very important as it allows drivers and cyclists to see you more easily. A headtorch is another useful addition if you are venturing into unlit areas. Read on to discover to choose the right headtorch for running.

What to look for when you’re buying a headtorch for running

How bright?

To help you decide what kind of torch you’ll need when you head out of the door think about how much light you will need. Around 300 lumens will help you in all but the darkest conditions, while something like 5 or 10 will provide enough light for cars to see you.

  1. What type of night running will I do?
  2. Will there be any available light - such as street-lights, a nearby town or village - on my route?
  3. Will I be heading into the mountains?
  4. Will I be running local trails?
  5. Do I run in woodland? Keep in mind there is less background light available.
  6. Do I choose full moon outings or am I happy with moonless nights?
  7. How much will I be carrying?
  8. Is weight an issue and do I mind carrying extra batteries? This is always advisable on longer runs.
  9. Will I be out for one hour or 12?
  10. Will I be running solo or in a group? There’s more lighting available in a group due to the volume of headlamp units.

Our safety tips for running at night should give you all the advice you need! And hopefully now you’ll feel more confident with running in the dark and choosing your headtorch. If you are ever unsure on the type of head torch you are going to buy, it’s always wise to do the research beforehand. Find further tips and advice for running by heading over to our main tips page.

Find a Local Running Group

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