Night running

What to look for when you’re buying a headtorch for running

How bright?

To help you decide what kind of torch you’ll need when you head out of the door think about how much light you will need. Around 300 lumens will help you in all but the darkest conditions, while something like 5 or 10 will provide enough light for cars to see you.

  1. What type of night running will I do?
  2. Will there be any available light - such as street-lights, a nearby town or village - on my route?
  3. Will I be heading into the mountains?
  4. Will I be running local trails?
  5. Do I run in woodland? Keep in mind there is less background light available.
  6. Do I choose full moon outings or am I happy with moonless nights?
  7. How much will I be carrying?
  8. Is weight an issue and do I mind carrying extra batteries? This is always advisable on longer runs.
  9. Will I be out for one hour or 12?
  10. Will I be running solo or in a group? There’s more lighting available in a group due to the volume of headlamp units.