Kathleen - Blade Runner

“Growing up I loved dancing; ballet, modern, jazz, tap, Irish dancing — you name it!

Then, when I was 18 — and in my first semester of University — I caught bacterial meningitis. The hardest moment of my life was being told that I would have to have both of my legs amputated below the knee.

I didn’t know about all the options available to me then and I thought that I would never walk again, let alone run or dance.

When I started rehabilitation, I was determined to get back on my (prosthetic) feet and begin to walk again as soon as possible.

But even after I’d learnt to walk on my prosthetics I couldn’t stop comparing my new body to my old one.

I was confronted with the fact that my body was unable to run or move in the same way as it had before — the feet I was using made it impossible."


"That all changed when I got my running blades three years ago — as soon as I put them on I could feel the difference. They gave me the extra spring I needed to run."

"It felt incredible to move my body in that way for the first time in years. The thing I love most about running with my blades on is the freedom to move my body as I want to move it. I’d jog everywhere if I could!

In four years I’ve gone from physically not being able to run at all to training for 100m and 200m sprints. It’s so satisfying, and it’s had such a positive impact on my balance, strength and fitness — which makes standing on my day-to-day prosthetics much easier.

Last month I competed in my first competition alongside other disabled athletes, including some Paralympians! I was so overwhelmed and proud when I crossed the finish line.

Having feared that I wasn’t going to be able to be active ever again, I would urge everybody who can run to do it, to just appreciate the feeling of their feet on the ground (even if they’re plastic) and enjoy moving their body.”

Information and guidance on running with blades

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