Improving your running posture

How to improve running posture

Why is good running posture important?

If we've spent a lot of time sitting at a desk, our posture can be affected. If that carries over to our running, that's a lot of effort wasted and force coming up through the ankle and knee joints.

Having the correct running posture is important for preventing injury and reducing fatigue. Not only this, but good running posture will improve the efficiency and comfort of your run.

Top tips to improve running posture

  1. Don’t look down! – One common mistake people make while running is to look down. To improve running posture, you should look straight ahead. This will keep you balanced and reduce the risk of injuring your neck.
  2. Stay relaxed – It is crucial that while you are running you stay relaxed. Your posture should be correct, but it is important not to be too rigid. Tensing your muscles will slow you down and increase your risk of injury.
  3. Back straight and shoulder level – The correct running form is quite simple, keep your back straight and shoulders level. Good posture should open your chest which will make it easier to breathe. A good technique to improve running posture is to imagine you have a balloon tied to your head that is pulling you upwards. Extending your spine instead of slouching will improve your overall running technique.

For more information about correct running posture visit our tips and advice page. If you would like to find a local running group, then use our tool to search for one in your area.

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