How interval training can help

By splitting a distance into workable chunks, interspersed with rest, you can run quicker and improve faster, e.g. 4 x 1 min with 1 min rest. You’ll cover more ground than simply running 4 min straight off the bat.

Fartlek: This is similar to intervals, but go how you feel. Run hard when you see a tree, ease off when see a post box. It might be a minute, maybe more! It’s a great way to include long and short sprints and very effective when it comes to getting better

Turnabouts: Even distance runners benefit from this. Run 30m, wait 5 sec turn around and run back. Repeat 10 or 20 times. An amazing way to improve endurance in a short space of time (and distance).

Threshold runs: Very good if you have a longer race in mind. Choose a pace you can sustain for about 15minutes and hold it there. Imagine you had to run another half hour to give you a feel for how fast it should be. The No.1 way to fast track your long distance strength, but only do it once every 10 days or so.