Getting ready to RunTogether again

We know it has been a challenging time over the last few months, a time that has impacted on so many of us across the world. We also know that there will be a time in the future, where we can come together and RunTogether again.

Top Tips

There’s never been a better time to think about getting started again and as such we have pulled together three top tips to help get your sessions back online, to help welcome back your existing runners and welcome those new runners who have started to run for the first time.

Updating your website page

Why not update your website page with information on what your group has been up to and what you are planning to do again later this year. There will be lots of new runners out there looking to join a local group and go for a run and a natter. Give your webpage a spruce and prepare to welcome them with open arms.


Add your runs and sessions

When runners are searching for a place to run, they will only be able to find your group and sessions if you have added future runs. Make sure you have your next batch of new runs and sessions planned in for the year, so that runners can book in advance and help you prepare to have enough run leaders to safely lead them around a local route.

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Encourage new runners to download the runner app

For those newbies joining your group, why not encourage them to download the runner app to help book in before hand and let you know they are coming. You can access all their key information to help ensure you deliver and safe and friendly run. They can keep up to date on when runs are happening and stay connected to your group. The Runner app is completely free and is available to any Runner in a RunTogether Group.