Foam rollers

One way to help your muscles is to use a foam roller.

They’re easy to use and basic techniques include rolling over the muscle and stopping on a tight spot; take 10 deep breaths whilst the knot begins to relax, before rolling gently back and forth and side to side on the point to further release the tight spots. This increase in bloodflow will target muscles to aid in removing waste products that might otherwise cause tightness and/or DOMS. Further, muscle adhesions (such as scar tissue) can be reduced, which in turn aids in flexibility both in the short and long term!

Foam rollers help give you a soft tissue massage which helps to work out those knots and any tight spots using the pressure created by your own bodyweight. Just 10 minutes while you’re watching TV can make a huge difference.

Olympic champion Sally Gunnell says, “Try a foam roller to help some of those aching muscles, Experienced runners swear by them.”