Enertor’s PX1 insole

Enertor is an official partner of England Athletics. They recently launched the Enertor PX1 insole. This ground-breaking insole features cutting-edge shock-absorbing technology. This technology is specifically developed for protecting the feet and body from ground forces.

Enertor PX1 insoles transmit impact forces horizontally through the insole. This greatly reduces shockwaves through the leg. The technology, endorsed by Usain Bolt, provides 89% more protection per mm. Each insole is 40% lighter and 90% softer than competitor insole brands. The Enertor PX1 gives instant relief from sporting demands and long-term protection. In comparison, standard insoles allow forces to transmit vertically through the shoe. This creates shockwaves and trauma through the leg.

Enertor’s flagship insole starts at £29.99 and comes in UK sizes 3-4 to 13-14. the Enertor PX1 insole boasts flexibility, comfort, durability and energy returning properties. Lasting over seven times as long as standard insoles and with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Every active individual and anyone with any lower limb or foot pain should give them a go, worry free.

The full Enertor PX1 range is available at www.enertor.com