Dealing with Negative Behaviour

  1. Just keep running - Try and stay calm and say nothing. Responding angrily can make the situation worse. Relax and enjoy your run. Chances are it will be a brief encounter they’ll pass by quickly.
  2. Change direction – It can be annoying if you are following a specific route, but consider turning back on yourself. If someone is in a vehicle and curb crawling alongside you, change direction - it will provide a very clear, yet non-confrontational message that you won’t engage with them.
  3. Carry a phone – Always run with a phone in case of emergencies. (NB We recommend that you tuck your phone away in a pocket so that it is not in full view).
  4. Seek outside help – If an individual continues to hassle you find a bystander and explain the situation. If this doesn’t diffuse the situation, or there’s no-one else around and you feel you’re in potential danger, knock at someone’s house or call 999.
  5. Run with others – Running with other people is a really fun way of feeling supported and safer. To find an organised running group in your area visit the RunTogether Groups search page.  Our groups cater for people of all abilities and offer a friendly, welcoming opportunity to run. Share your experiences, receive support and motivation from the RunTogether community – Twitter: @RunTogether Facebook: @RunTogetherSocial