Cross training

Cross training

What is cross training?

One of the top running tips to improve your speed and endurance is to incorporate cross training into your routine. Cross training for runners is basically any exercise that complements your running and makes you stronger or faster. Cross training should activate your cardiovascular system to help improve your endurance when running. One of the main benefits of cross training is that different exercises will help to improve different areas of your strength and conditioning.

Benefits of cross training

Cross training for runners has a number of benefits:

  1. Improves muscle endurance and cardiovascular performance.
  2. Strengthens your body which reduces the risk of an injury while running.
  3. Helps reduce physical and mental fatigue by varying your training.
  4. If you have sustained an injury, cross training will allow you to maintain your fitness levels while you recover.

Best cross training for runners

Some of the best running advice we can give you is to vary your running routine with a range of the following activities:

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