Compression clothing for runners

Compression clothing for runners

What is compression clothing

The principle of compression clothing is quite simple. Compression clothing for runners puts pressure on the muscles. This pressure raises the temperature and increases blow flow in your muscles.  
There are several compression wear benefits. Compression clothes will not make you faster, but they will improve your recovery time and efficiency. 

Benefits of compression clothing 

There are a number of benefits of compression clothing like running socks, leggings and shirts. 

  1. Prevents muscle strain – A major benefit of compression clothing for runners is the reduced risk of muscle strain. Because compression clothing raises the temperature in a runner’s muscles, this helps blood flow. Muscles that have good blood flow are less likely to spasm and strain. 
  2. Absorbs sweat – Compression clothes are great for absorbing sweat while you run. Absorbing sweat means that there is less chance of chafing or rashes while running.  
  3. Reduces recovery time – Because compression clothing for runners minimises muscle soreness, this reduces your recovery time.  
  4. Protects injured or sore muscles – One of the benefits of compression leggings is that it will protect injured or sore muscles in your lower half. If you are trying to run with muscle soreness or a lingering injury, compression clothing will reduce the risk of re-injuring this area. 

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