3 Fun Training Exercises For Runners | RunTogether

Are you looking to improve your posture, form and muscle strength while running? Then why not try our 3 fun and easy training exercises for runners! These running training exercises are great for practising a good running form and will help you run longer and faster. 

Practice the skills learned in these running training videos over roughly 20 metres. Do each exercise 3 times a week in sets of 5. These running training ideas are great to do on one of your rest days or even as a warmup before a run.  

1. Bucket and balloon:

This running training exercise is all about learning a better posture and smoother running form. Trying these simple exercises can improve a runner’s technique and help eliminate bad habits.

Watch below or click to view video on YouTube.

2. Learn to skip again:

This training exercise for runners is well worth mastering. It strengthens the muscles that you use while running without your joints bearing too much load. It also helps to build calf, ankle, and foot strength.

Watch below or click to view video on YouTube.

3. Heel pickups:

Use the bucket and balloon running training idea to put a bit of pace into your legs in a short space.

Watch below or click to view video on YouTube.

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