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This Girl Can Run

We're delighted to welcome women and girls from this fantastic, inspiring community to RunTogether!

Why RunTogether?

Getting out of the door can sometimes be a struggle but imagine if you had a group of friends waiting for you. Would it make you more likely to lace up and get out? 

We have found that people are more likely to run on a regular basis if they run with others. Lot's of women have told us how much they would love to run with other people but none of their friends run. Luckily there are loads of super friendly, fun, supportive RunTogether Groups across the country that are not scary and full of elite runners but full of friendly people just like you. 

At a RunTogether Group you will be welcomed with a huge smile. There are groups for every ability, including Couch to 5k groups and walk to run groups. 

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"I joined a women's running group and the other ladies are so supportive and encouraging - why run alone when you can get some help from others?"

Hannah - This Girl Can Run Facebook Community

"One of the main reasons I go to my running group, apart from the running, is to catch up with my friends. One has just started internet dating and I can't wait each week to hear all about it."

Alex Rotas - RunTogether Ambassador

Getting started...

Amazing ladies from our community have got some great advice on everything running from first steps and what to wear...

Feeling inspired?

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