Winter 4 Mile Club Run "Feck Hill"

Colemore Infant and Nursery School, B14 6AJ


Running distance: 4 m

About this run route

Start / Finish

Colemore Infant and Nursery School

Runners will be release in groups from the playground to avoid over crowding on the pavement. Turning left out of the school gates runners head along Grove Road and turn left on to Tenbury Road (this is a bit of a blind turning and should be taken with care). Runners will head down Tenbury road and will want to cross over the road when it is safe to do so. Cross all side roads with care and at the end of Tenbury take a sharp right to head up Featherstone Road (this is another blind corner and best taken wide). Runner head up Featherstone Road and will want to cross over to the left hand side when safe. At the top of Featherstone Road turn left to follow Brandwood Road.

Follow Brandwood Road, carefully crossing the intersecting roads until you reach the roundabout. Carefully cross over the roundabout to continue along Brandwood road. As you head downhill take care with footing as there can be some uneven paving stones. Carefully cross side roads and continue to the end of Brandwood road where you will find a row of shops. Following the pavement around the car park for the shops you can cross at the lights or safely at the end of the car park to turn left down Broad Lane.

You will want to be on the right hand side of Broad Lane as this will have pavement.

Follow Broad Lane until the very end. At the Zebra Crossing only turn left to cross the road and then turn left to run up Alcester Road (aka Feck Hill).

Follow Alcester Road until you reach Woodthorpe Road and turn left. Whilst running up Alcester Road you will have one pub car park to carefully run pass.

Follow Woodthorpe Road, crossing to the right hand side when it is safe to do so until you reach the roundabout and then turn right to run back along Brandwood Road.

Once you reach the top of Featherstone Road turn right and run down Featherstone Road. When safe to do so cross over to the left hand side.

At the end of Featherstone Road turn left (again taking this blind corner wide) and run up Tenbury Road (crossing over to the right when safe to do so).

At the top of Tenbury Road turn right to head back down Grove Road to reach the School gates.