Winter 4 Mile Club Run "Allens Croft Road"

Colemore Junior School, B14 6AJ


Running distance: 4 m

About this run route

Start / Finish

Colemore Infant and Nursery School

We meet at the car park of the School. Runners are let out in groups from the gates to ensure we avoid over crowding on the pavements as we start.

From the gates turn left and follow the pavement along Grove Road, carefully cross Tenbury using the traffic island to continue along Grove Road. Turn left down Featherstone Road - beware this is a blind corner so please take this carefully.

Run down Featherstone Road and take the second left along Hazelhurst Road, crossing Tenbury road with care continue along Hazelhurst Road to eventually turn right to run down Howard Road.

At the end of Howard Road turn Right to run up Alcester Road South and follow this road. Be careful at road crossings along the road and cross only when safe to do so.

We run the length of Alcester Road until we reach Broad Lane which is on the right (a little further down that Cocks Moors Woods Leisure Centre). Turn right onto Broad Lane - again beware of the blind turning. There is a zebra crossings shortly after the turn, cross over at this crossing and follow Broad Lane.

Crossing side roads carefully stay on Broad Lane until the end and either cross over to the shops on the right when safe to do so at the top of the road or use the crossing. Head right up Brandwood Road slightly and cross over to Brandwood Park Road at the traffic island and follow Brandwoord Park Road.

This will place you on the right hand side of Brandwood Park Road which has better lighting be do be careful of uneven paving stones. Follow Brandwood Park Road onto Allens Croft Road and follow Allens Croft Road. At the roundabout cross at Dawberry Road entrance to stay on Allens Croft Road and run up the hill.

At the top of Allens Croft Road there is another round about. Cross when safe on to Vicarage Road and follow Vicarage Road until you reach the lights by the Red Lion pub. Be carefully crossing side roads along Vicarage Road.

When opposite the Red Lion turn right to head up Grove Road and follow until you return to the School, crossing over to the School side of the road when it is safe to do so.