Winter 10k

Colemore Infant and Nursey School B14 6AJ, B14 6AJ


Running distance: 10 km

About this run route

• Turn left out of Colmore School entrance, heading along Grove Road and then onto Brandwood Road.

• When you see a mini-roundabout take a left onto Woodthorpe Road. Continue all the way to the junction with Alcester Road South.

• No Feck Hill today, cross over Alcester Road South at the traffic lights on your right and take Taylor Road, opposite the Skoda showroom. Enjoy the wheelie bin and pedestrian gauntlet!

• At the end of Taylor Road take a left onto Haunch Lane until you reach a roundabout.

• Take a right at the roundabout on Wheelers Lane and slog up to The Billesley Pub.

• At the end of Wheelers Lane cross over to the pub at the traffic lights and cross again at the traffic lights on Brook Lane, then head left back towards Kings Heath. This is a narrow bit of pavement, so make space for oncoming pedestrians!

• Follow the edge of the golf course, taking a right at Springfield Road. Continue over the roundabout to stay on Springfield Road. Continue straight on at another mini roundabout by the church to go onto Valentine Road.

• You should now be on Kings Heath High Street. No, you’re not heading back yet. Take a right to cross at the lights at the bottom of the High Street and go along Queensbridge Road, past Queensbridge School.

• At the roundabout outside the Scientology building turn left to run downhill along Moor Green Lane, continuing straight on when it changes to Shutlock Lane.

• Enjoy that downhill? Good. Now you’re taking a left to go under the railway bridge and up, up, up to go past Kings Heath Park.

• Head left at the end of the road, back onto Kings Heath High Street.

• When you arrive on the High Street, turn right to head South, past Sainsburys.

• Cross over Howard Road at the crossroads and carry on along Alcester Road South until you reach a junction on the right where there is a fork. Take the left hand fork along Featherstone Road.

• At the end of Featherstone Road take a right onto Grove Road and head back to base at Colmore School. Stop watch, do a socially distanced hi-5, that should be just over 10km.