Waterside Runners Training Route 1. Marchwood Cycle Path. 1k

Situated off the bottom of Tavells Lane Near Bury Rd, Marchwood, SO40 4UY


Running distance: 0.62 m

About this run route

Start / Finish

Meet up at the Marchwood Village Hall Carpark

This is a 1k or 0.62 mile route up the Permissive Marchwood Cycle and Footpath.

The area of use is on a flat tarmac surface, surrounded between a fence on one side and hedgerows on the other. It does have another exit onto Bury Road which runs along it.

Group runners should be aware it will also be used by members of the public in both directions. This could include cyclists, other runners and walkers with their dogs.

We are going to be using much longer stretches of this permissive path in due course.