The Tiny Rebel loop

Tiny Rebel Brewery, Rogerstone, NP10 9FQ


Running distance: 5 km

About this run route

Start / Finish

Tiny Rebel Brewery, Rogerstone

Leaving the industrial estate, turn right heading down Chartrist Drive. Turn left onto Tregwilym Road, passing Mamma Lina’s Italian. Turn right at Castle Way into the Jubilee Park estate. Take the second left onto Jubilee Way, passing the primary school. Follow Jubilee Way all the way round back to the entrance of the estate. Turn left onto Tregwilym Road. Follow road onto St John’s Crescent. Turn right onto Cefn Road. Turn right on Chartist Drive. Return to the industrial estate.

This route begins downhill, has a hilly middle and ends downhill.

Running the route in reverse provides a gentle hill to begin with, steeper downhill in the middle and gentle incline to finish