Tehidy Country Park 3km

Tehidy Country Park, South Drive, Camborne, Cornwall, TR14 0HA


Running distance: 3 km

About this run route

Start / Finish

Behind the Cafe by the South Drive Car Park or from North Cliffs entrance

The route is marked out by the parks own Blue and Pink route and is dog friendly.  There is 2 possible start points to this route.

Start 1 - Behind the café by the South Cliffs Car Park.

From the Café, bear right towards the residential area end then go through the gate marking the start of the Blue route.  Once you are heading along the flat part with the residential area to your left, you will need to turn right along a footpath after the Rose Garden section of the park. This will then take you to the North Cliffs Circular Route marked out by Pink way markings which you will need to follow in an anticlockwise direction until you see the private homes infront of you.  Turn right so you are back on the Blue route which will then take you down a steep hill heading towards Otter Bridge.  Once you reach Otter Bridge turn left to follow the Blue route back to the Café going through a narrow path and over a couple a couple of bridges.  You should have thelakes to your left.

Start 2 - North Cliffs Entrance.

From the North Cliffs Entrance, follow the pink route to the left with your back to the car park which will then join with the blue route which you will now need to follow towards the residential area which will appear infront of you.  Turn left and head towards the golf club ensuring that the houses remain on your right.  An opening will appear and you will need to turn right ensuring that the golf club is on your left still keeping the houses to your right.  Head through the gate at the end and follow the road to a path on the corner re leading back into the park grounds and back onto the blue route and head towards Otter Bridge.  You should find the lakes appear on your left.  At Otter bridge you will need to asscend the steep hill to your right.  Once you reach the top, bear right until you see way markings for the pink route which will lead you back to the North Cliffs Entrance.

Please note:

The layout and usage of the marked 3-2-1 running routes is the responsibility of the local authority or further education establishment that purchases the route marking signs and usual health and safety and duty of care considerations should be followed in laying out open, even-surfaced, easy-to-follow, safe, accurate, well lit routes at all times - with the landowner’s permission. RunTogether will not provide materials with which to attach the markers.