Sutton Lane Meadows

Sutton Benger, SN15 4RP


Running distance: 1.8 m

About this run route

Start / Finish

Sutton Benger Village Hall

A short trail run that takes you through the National Trust site of Sutton Lane Meadows and returns along a country lane back to the village hall.

From Sutton Benger village hall turn left along Chestnut Road. After the school turn left into Queens Close. Keep left and continue to the end of Queens Close. Take the footpath at the end of the road which leads you between two properties and emerges into a field.

Continue straight ahead across the middle of the field, cutting through a gap in the hedgerow where you will cross the ditch. In the next field turn right and follow the edge of the field. When you are approximately halfway across the field take a cut through the clump of trees which will lead into the adjacent field. Keep left and follow this field to the end, heading in a south with the hedgerow to your left. At the end of the field cross a stile into Sutton Lane Meadows. Continue to the end of this field and cross another stile.

Keep the hedgerow to your right and in the corner of the field go through the kissing gate which will lead your along a bridle path. At the end of the bridle path you will meet a road. Turn left onto the road to return to Sutton Benger Village. As you enter the village turn left back into Chestnut Road.