Sutcliffe Park (Route 3)

Eltham Road, Eltham, London, SE9 5LW


Running distance: 1.25 km

About this run route

Start / Finish

Main entrance in Eltham Road

The three routes all start at the main entrance in Eltham Road which has accessible on street parking. The ½ mile and 1km routes are clockwise and the 1.25km is an anticlockwise route, these are distances which will allow users to easily measure longer runs such as 1 mile, 3km & 5km. The routes are mainly flat with slight undulations and should be suitable for all users, with no obstacles. The path surface is either tarmac or pebbledash. The tarmac paths are wide enough to allow for easy passing, suitable for wheelchair users and pushchairs, with benches along the route. The path on the remainder of the route is narrower but still suitable for all users. Whilst the park does not have a cafe there are accessible changing and toilet facilities when the athletics track is open and there are refreshments available in the locality.

There is a map of this route on the Friends of Sutcliffe Park notice board, near the main entrance.

Please note:

The layout and usage of the marked 3-2-1 running routes is the responsibility of the local authority or further education establishment that purchases the route marking signs and usual health and safety and duty of care considerations should be followed in laying out open, even-surfaced, easy-to-follow, safe, accurate, well lit routes at all times - with the landowner’s permission. RunTogether will not provide materials with which to attach the markers.