Summer time route

the Park Entrance down Tavistock Close, PE6 0SP


Running distance: 10 km

About this run route

Start / Finish

Carpark to the park

England Athletics have eased lock down rules now allowing group of 6 people to exercise together as long as you keep social distancing of 2 meters.

My aim is to support you all to get active again so will send you out in a speed related manor of 1 at a time heading down to Old Knarr Fen road and carry on running for around 25 mins. then i will blow a whistle and get you all to turn around and run back to the park.

the rules are as follow:

1) please be repectful to other people in the village and please if you come across others please run into the road giving people at least 2 meters. if this is not safe to run into the road please stop and allow them pass you before running again.

2) If you catch the person ahead of you make them aware that you are behind and overtake them as safely as you possibly can.

3) Let me know what distance you want to run of the evening so i am aware.

4) Once back at the park please be aware of other users of the park so don't congregate around the entrance.