Summer Park Left

Kings Heath Park, B14 7TQ


Running distance: 4 m

About this run route

Start / Finish

Kings Heath Park

So- exit the park turning LEFT when your pace group is announced. Cross over on Avenue rd SAFELY as soon as you can - preferably using the zebra crossing and/or common sense. Pavement is narrow and uneven in places. Sharp turn right into Highbury park, follow the path up to the top. Left onto Queensbridge, cross and go down Russell Rd, Edgbaston rd and enter Cannon Hill Park through the front gates. Follow the cycle path - park run route - past the cafe, bandstand, do not go over the bridge- bear left and run to the 'Stirchley triangle' of grass turn left up - yes - up Holders Lane - stop moaning- hills are good for you- turn RIGHT onto Moorcroft Lane and run down to Shutlock lane.

On return to Avenue rd down Shutlock Lane be mindful of where the pavement runs out/resumes and how visible you are to motorists as you cross the road where Shutlock Lane curves.

Legally pedestrians have the right of way but in the real world drivers can only observe this if they can SEE you.

Run up Avenue Rd. Return to the park