St Olaves and Minden Run Walk Route

0 km From the car park walk north-east towards Northumberland Ave, 0.04 km Turn right onto Northumberland Ave, 0.34 km Turn right onto Lancaster Ave towards Tollgate Ln, 0.85 km Turn Left onto Tollgate Ln towards Mildenhall Rd/A1101, 0.86 km Turn left onto Mildenhall Rd/A1101, 1.29 km Walk north-west on Mildenhall Rd/A1101, 1.34 km Turn left then right onto Mitchell Ave, 1.71 km Turn left onto Trent Rd towards Acacia Ave, 1.79 km Turn right onto Severn Rd, 2.35 km At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Northumberland Ave, 2.58 km Turn right onto Suffolk Rd, 2.59 km Turn right onto Clay Rd, 2.65 km Turn right to stay on Clay Rd, 2.81 km Turn left onto Beard Rd, 2.99 km Turn left onto Hunter Rd, 3.29 km At the roundabout, cross right over Hunter Road onto St Olaves Rd , 3.42 km Ahead of Oakes Rd turn right onto footpath signposted ***, 3.43 km Follow footpath, 3.51 km Turn left on footpath and continue on, 3.94 km Turn left on footpath and follow towards Oakes Rd, 4.03 km Turn Right onto Oakes Rd, 4.49 km Follow Oakes Rd until roundabout, 4.55 km Ahead of the roundabout, cross left and take the 1st exit onto St Olaves Rd, 4.69 km Follow St Olave’s Rd to Tolgate Rec, 5.02 km Cross road and follow footpath alongside Tolgate Rec, 5.1 km Destination, , IP32 6LS


Running distance: 5 km

About this run route

Start / Finish

Howard Park

A route around Bury St Edmunds starting and finishing at Howard Park.