Southgate Run Walk Route

Caie Walk, Bury St. Edmunds, IP33 2PJ


Running distance: 5.1 km

About this run route

Start / Finish

Southgate Community Centre Car Park

0 km From Southgate Community Centre carpark

0.1 km Follow Caie Walk footpath to Steward Rd

0.32 km Follow Steward Rd and Turn left onto Nowton Rd

0.32 km Follow Nowton Rd to roundabout

0.47 km Ahead of roundabout, cross right, across Nowton Road

0.51 km At the roundabout, turn right onto Cullum Rd/A1302

0.67 km Ahead of the roundabout cross left over Cullum Rd/A1302 and turn left onto Southgate St

0.73 km Turn left onto Beech Rise

0.82 km Turn right onto public footpath

0.85 km Follow public footpath *take caution during hours of darkness*

1.48 km Turn left towards Cullum Rd/A1302

1.54 km Cross Cullum Rd/A1302 and Turn right onto Cullum Rd/A1302

1.72 km Turn left onto public footpath towards Out Westgate/A143

2.27 km Follow public footpath through Holywater Meadow

2.3 km Turn left through car park

2.32 km Turn left onto Vinery Rd

2.89 km Continue onto Hardwick Ln

3.37 km Turn right onto road signposted The Lodge

3.46 km Turn left through carpark

3.53 km Enter Hardwick Heath and follow track to Home Farm Ln

3.82 km Exit Hardwick Heath via gate an turn right onto Home Farm Ln

3.94 km Turn left onto footpath marked *** Walk

4.19 km Turn right onto Mayfield Rd

4.57 km Turn left onto footpath Caie Walk

4.58 km Continue on Caie Walk until Southgate Community Carpark is reached

5.1 km Destination