SmalleyMorley 5k

Springwood Leisure Centre, DE21 2RQ


Running distance: 5 km

About this run route

Start / Finish

Outside Springwood Leisure Centre

Classic JO 2018 route. Easy to navigate. Long descent down Morley Road, and then gradual climb back up Wood Road.

Jog Oakwood Route 2 Morley/Woods

Option 1 5k

Right out of leisure centre and onto springwood drive

Cross over onto left hand side of Springwood and follow around to Saundersfoot 5th turning on left

Left on Suandersfoot to end

Right on Smalley to end

Right on Morley and follow it all the way down over the first roundabout and down to the mini roundabout at the bottom (pub on left Wilmot arms/Steaming Billy)

Right at the second mini roundabout onto Woods Road Follow all the way up to Wayfaring road

Right on wayfaring and back to the leisure centre