Siddington Loop

Running Somewhere Else, GL71US


Running distance: 4.4 m

About this run route

Start / Finish

Old Station Car Park exit.

Siddington Loop.

Leaving The Old Station Car Park on Sheep Street follow road up the hill onto Sommerford Road. Turn left at the cross roads onto Chesterton Lane before following to the right onto Love Lane. Continue ahead at two mini roundabouts until you reach the Royal Mail delivery centre on your left. Cross the car park where you will find a footpath in the righthand corner. Follow this footpath onto The Coach Road where you will pass Siddington Primary School. When you reach the end of The Coach Road you will see a playpark to your left. This is the start of your loop.

Starting with the playpark on your left head over the bridge on Upper Siddington following this until the end where you will turn left onto Nursery View. At the end of Nursery View turn left again onto Ashton Rd passing the Greyhound Pub until you reach Parkway on your left (opposite the Post Office). Turn left onto Parkway and follow until you reach the playpark to complete your loop. Return to the Old Station Car Park by following The Coach Road through to the Royal Mail delivery centre, turn right out of car park onto Love Lane, Chesterton Lane, Sommerford Road and Sheep Street.

Out and Back from Old Station Car Park to Siddingto Playpark = 3.4 miles

Siddington Loop = 1.1 mile

O&B + 1 loop = 4.4 miles

O&B + 2 loops = 5.5 miles

O&B + 3 loops = 6.6 miles