Shilton Hill loop

Carterton Community Centre to Shilton, Via Kilkenny lane., OX18


Running distance: 6.5 km

About this run route

Start / Finish

Carterton Community Centre OX18 1AX

A simple run that adds a few steady hills into a 5 Mile loop.

Mainly road, paths but does have one short stretch across a field (uneven path).

Turn right out of the Community Centre onto Sorrel Way - Terfoil way.

Turn right onto Teasel way, follow to roundabout at the bottom of the road. Turn left onto Monahan way. Follow up the hill turn first left onto Burford Road. 100 yards - Fork in the road take left fork onto Kilkenny Lane. follow to the top of the hill, passed the allotments on your left. road bears round to left. At this point you have two footpaths directly in front of you. One goes right, up towards the quarry, the other straight on towards Shilton. Take the Shilton option. slightly uneven and dark due to trees over hanging. Open up into field after 250 - 300 yards. Follow this across the top of the field (path) until you get to Burford Road. Cross the road and take the road down into Shilton. long right hand bend (dont go left)

At the bottom over small bridge at the ford. At this point decision and you can do repeated hill climb efforts if you want.

Left hand road onto Church Lane - Long slow climb or

Straight over up cardiac hill - short steep climb

If you go up (left) Church Lane (efforts), at the top turn right back down cardiac hill (recovery).

If you go up cardiac hill (efforts), at the very top, turn left onto Church Lane (recover to bottom). Repeat if required.

When efforts have finished, recover back to the top of Shilton over the little bridge to the the road you entered on. At the top, cross over back onto the field, but turn right by the hedge row (onto footpath). Follow this as it merges back onto Shilton Road. keep on Silton road until you come to a off set path (houses and road set back off Shilton Road by mini roundabout.) take first exit off the roundabout and immediate right onto Brizewood. turn right at the end and follow to left (York Road) follow to the end, turn left onto Northwood Crescent. Follow round the right hand bend, cross bridge on your left, follow footpath up the hill. Opens onto Lilac way, follow up the hill until you come back to start point at the Community Centre.

Congratulations a single loop round Shilton is 5 miles (6.2 Km)

More loops/efforts longer the distance.